tmuxie is a small and lightweight tmux(1) wrapper, a direct modification of the screenie shell script, that is designed to be a session manager that simplifies the process of starting and choosing sessions by providing an interactive menu for tmux. It was forked from the Debian version in testing on January 28, 2012, and probably is not portable though the intent and desire is that it should work on any UNIX-like system. (Should always run fine though under Bash with GNU utilities) Patches to make it run correctly anywhere/elsewhere that tmux runs welcomed. Tmuxie is dual-licensed under GPLv2 and BSD licenses.



License, Documentation:

Tmuxie is dual-licensed under GPLv2 and BSD licenses. You may choose which license to comply with (or both). In order to use or distribute this software, you must accept one or both license terms.

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Requirements, Download:

Tmuxie requires a POSIX-compliant shell. That's supposed to be all it requires. It may need GNU utilities though, especially on AIX.

Support & Mailing List:

I make no promise to support tmuxie, but you can try me (and possibly other users) on the mailing list.

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