Phailomatic, is an intrusion prevention/denial of service mitigation tool written in PHP. Phailomatic was created for use in a situation where Fail2ban wasn't a good option for somewhat unusual circumstances. I still use Fail2ban on other systems because of its versatility and the fact that someone else (upstream and my distro) maintains it.

Phailomatic was written in something of a hurry, in the middle of some other projects.  I may substantially re-write it sometime, because the code is ugly.



You can ask for help with Phailomatic on the mailing list.

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Requires PHP 5.2 or greater with PCRE.  Can use POSIX and PCNTL if available to self-daemonize. Written for iptables, but should be able to be configured to use any (un-)firewalling commands where only the IP address and port number change.

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