Harvey Webbanger

Please note that Harvey Webbanger is under development and not available for download yet.
Harvey Webbanger
is a GPL licensed PHP script that aggregates information intended to foster social interaction.  Harvey receives e-mail messages, parses HTTP resources, pulls RSS feeds, and makes web API calls. It's possible at some point that Harvey will have an API of its own, to support pushed data.  Once Harvey has collected everything it has been configured to gather, Harvey produces a cocktail of information via e-mail and news feeds.

How does Harvey 'foster social interaction'?

Harvey is not an RSS aggregator for use as a 'news reader' like TT-RSS or Feedly.  Harvey's purpose, is to aggregate information that when consumed by others, will stimulate conversation and interaction.  Harvey is a middleman, not an endpoint.  You use the information generated by Harvey with something else, perhaps an e-mail, perhaps a blog post.


You can ask for help with Harvey Webbanger on the mailing list.

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Requires PHP-CLI 5.4 or greater (command line interface) with mysqli.   Harvey does not require a web server at this time, but the RSS file it creates would probably need to be served by a web server to be useful, since the usual method of consuming RSS is via HTTP.

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