Bad Behavior 2.2 for PmWiki

Bad Behavior 2.2 for PmWiki is a port of the Bad Behavior 2.2 series to PmWiki. This version uses MySQL to store the logging table.

Bad Behavior is a sophisticated anti-abuse system for PHP-based web applications. For more information about Bad Behavior, visit its web site, and if you use it, please make a donation to support Bad Behavior's continued development.


No support is offered for Bad Behavior 2.2 for PmWiki. That doesn't mean you can't ask on the mailing list, it just means I'm not promising that the code will work for you, or that I'll help you get it working. I probably will try to help you, but I'm not committing to anything.

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You should probably also visit the Cookbook page.

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Requirements should be the same as PmWiki.

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